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The first year of the PWS400K's life

The first year of the PRINT WITH SMILE company, which was created from the cooperation with Ready Rebel and RR400K, on the 3D printer market can without exaggeration be described as very successful.

During the year, the PWS400K model found its way to more than a hundred satisfied customers not only in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. The printer that traveled the furthest south is in Argentina, the furthest north is in Norway, and the furthest east is in Ukraine.

The great success of the newcomer PRINT WITH SMILE (PWS) with the PWS400K model on the 3D printer market was their participation in the battle of 3D printers at the 3DEXPO exhibition in April 2023 and their bronze medal in competition with long-standing players in the field of 3D printing. This position demonstrates the high quality and competitiveness of the PWS400K, which is a significant achievement for a newcomer to the market.

The competing and final standings in the 2023 3D Printer Battle were as follows:

 3D Expo - výsledky 2023

This placement not only shows the high level of quality that the PWS400K model brings to the 3D printer market, but also strengthens the position of the PRINT WITH SMILE brand in the eyes of customers and the professional public. The fact that a newcomer has managed to establish itself among the established names in the industry is a testament to the great potential of their product and brand. Other competing printers were:

Raise3D E2, FLsun V400, Trilab Deltig 2, Felix Pro L, Ankermake M5 and sCube. In the competition, not only the speed of the print was judged, but also its quality.

The PWS400K 3D printer is designed to meet the needs of schools, companies and households, thanks to its PLUG & PLAY configuration, robust construction, and the possibility of remote control.

PWS400K na Formnextu 2023

The quiet operation of the printer below 40 dB and light notifications about the print status bring users a high level of comfort during use. The PWS400K printer achieves great print speeds without compromising on print quality, which is the result of using quality components.

Other important features include a pre-installed plugin for remote management and monitoring, the ability to control the printer from a mobile phone via the Karmen cloud application, automatic shutdown after printing, error detection, and much more. The printer is able to print all materials up to a temperature of 300 degrees and is equipped with a hotend with a copper heatblock and a titanium heatbreak.

The company PRINT WITH SMILE uses companies such as TECH-MODEL, PROTOPRINT, SPECTODA, KARMEN-TECH and other local domestic suppliers for the supply of its parts, e.g. aluminum profiles, CNC milling and even printing pads, which makes it an example of a successful supporter of the local industry.

Since PRINT WITH SMILE is a recognized manufacturer of a diverse range of 3D filaments, from PLA to technical composite materials, owners of their 3D printers will certainly welcome the opportunity to take advantage of special customer discounts when purchasing PWS brand filaments.

With such success in its first year, it's clear that PWS has a bright future ahead of it.

"Do you want to print with a smile? Print with PRINT WITH SMILE!" not only does it sound like a promise, but it turns out to be a reality in practice. Customer satisfaction and the wide geographical diversity where the PWS400K printers are already in use are clear evidence of the quality that the company puts into its products.

And what news is PWS preparing for 2024? The company is constantly working to expand its portfolio of 3D printers. After the successful launch of the PWS400K model, it is now preparing another model in the COREXY design. This new addition to the PRINT WITH SMILE family of 3D printers will definitely have a model number higher than 400, indicating that it will be a significantly improved version with even better features and faster printing speed.

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