BIOFIL - 1,75 mm - Matt WHITE - 500 g
BIOFIL - 1,75 mm - Matt WHITE - 500 g
BIOFIL - 1,75 mm - Matt WHITE - 500 g

BIOFIL - 1,75 mm - Matt WHITE - 500 g

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BIOFIL filaments as well as BIOFIL WOOD are made from renewable raw materials. It is a biodegradable material that exhibits thermal properties similar to ABS.

BIOFIL is a composite material. Its main ingredients are: polycaprolactone (PCL), polyester, starch, lignin, natural resins, waxes and oils, natural fatty acids, cellulose and natural fibers.

VAT included


BIOFIL filament is made of a biopolymer consisting of 100% natural ingredients. They decompose for up to 12 weeks (industrial compost). BioCreate has a wide range of applications: from machine parts, through decorative elements, dishes, to use in the creation of toys and furniture. BioCreate prints can be subjected to mechanical processing (grinding, turning, drilling, etc.) and painting.


  • BIOFIL is characterized by ease of printing.
  • Material for advanced and novice users
  • The material has a high temperature resistance (Vicat softening temperature: 114 °C), which significantly exceeds PLA
  • BIOPHILE is not chemically resistant
  • BIOFIL prints perfectly absorb color
  • The print can be easily post prosessed
  • BIOFIL is a material that can shrink/shrink with larger printing. To prevent material shrinkage, the risk of 3D printing should be minimized. This can be done using a closed chamber. If you do not have your printer covered, it is worth at least closing the doors and windows in the room and avoiding drafts. Don't forget to turn off print cooling for the first and preferably a few first layers.


  • Recommended print temperature: 210 -240 °C
  • Heated pad: 20-80 °C
  • Material flow: 100-110 %
  • Nozzle diameter: >= 0.4 mm
  • Print speed: 60-80 mm/s
  • Cooling: 50 -100 (from the second layer)
500 g
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