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PET-G přeběh barev

REC - PET-G COLOR CHANGE - 1000 g - 1,75 mm

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PETG filaments made of premium material - overflow / inrush coils.

These are spools with filaments that were not cut into standard sales due to color deviation, worse winding, or poor weight. These aspects have no effect on the quality of the filament.



We offer overflow / inlet spools of filaments from the ingress of production, when the string is not completely shiny. Also included in this category are coils with poorer winding and poor weight, or have a variation in color.

Coils could also be discarded from standard sales due to dirt on the coil.

The filaments are 1.75 mm in diameter with a tolerance of 0.05 mm.

We decided to put these spools on sale because they meet the quality requirements for printing. The filaments are not older than 4 months. The spools together with the drying bag are vacuum-packed in a ZIP bag. The spools are no longer packaged in our one-piece PrintWithSmile boxes.

When ordering, please specify which colors you prefer.


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